AFM = Amateurfunkmuseum

Förderverein Amateurfunkmuseum

  • is a non-profit organization promoting amateur radio museums and history research
  • has been founded in 1981 by the amateur radio pioneer Hans Schleifenbaum, DL1YA †
  • is working on the research and documentation of amateur radio and its technics
  • is collecting money and amateur radio related material donations, particularily equipment built by radio amateurs, informations and information sources
  • encourages strongly the promotion of amateur radio museums open to the public
  • is restauring and describing old amateur radio equipment and then presenting it in museums and exhibitions to the public
  • is also your competent address for all questions about amateur radio history
  • is situated in Grafing (near Munich, in the south of Germany)
  • operates working groups in whole Germany and is with around 700 members quite active on both national and international levels

  • asks all radio amateurs and friends :
  • Please do not throw away old amateur radio equipment, books, magazines and other documentation material once you put it out of use but offer it to the Förderverein Amateurfunkmuseum.
    Please realize that also all documentation (particularily for homespun equipment) is very valuable for us and sometimes the only possibility to identify and to restore the equipment and its function.
    Support by a donation or your membership the targets of the the Förderverein Amateurfunkmuseum!
    Help us &ndash if possible &ndash with active collaboration!
    Any kind of support is most gratefully appreciated!

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